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Introducing Push Boss Pro™

Get ready to discover the features and benefits that make Push Boss Pro™ the best choice for your browser push notifications needs.

What is Push Boss Pro™?

Push Boss Pro™ is a PHP script that is installed on your own server that manages browser push notifications. Push Boss Pro™ provides all the core push notifications features you need to effectively create, send and manage push notifications for multiple websites.

Push Boss Pro™ uses Google Firebase to handle the proper sending and formatting of the push notifications to your subscribers. Regardless of what type of devices they are on.

Push Boss Pro™ is an all in one self-hosted, super affordable option for all your push notifications needs.

Push Boss Pro™ is designed to scale with your needs as they grow.

Explore the top features listed below to see how Push Boss Pro™ can benefit your business today. You could be taking your business to the next level today.

Push Boss Pro

Top Features of Push Boss Pro™

Here are just some of the features of Push Boss Pro™. They are in no particular order of coolness.

Manage Multiple Websites

Have multiple websites that you would like to add push notifications to? Don’t worry. Push Boss Pro™ has you covered. One installation of Push Boss Pro™ can manage as many websites as you would like.

Within the Push Boss Pro™ admin area, you can view detailed stats for each of the websites you add push notifications to.

There is no need to install Push Boss Pro™ on each site you want to manage. All you need to do is add a site to Push Boss Pro™ and then upload a few files to the website you want to manage.

Managing all of your websites from one location is a lot easier than having to login to each website to manage their push notifications one by one.

Manage Multiple Websites

Powerful Subscriber Groups

Groups are a special type of subscriber list that you can create with Push Boss Pro™. These group list can be specific to a website or can span multiple websites.

You can even have multiple groups on a single website. This way if your website has areas for specific visitor interests, you can create a subscriber group for each interest.

If you have multiple websites that have sections on them that would be of interest to a specific group of visitors, you can create a group that spans all the websites. This way you can send push messages to all of the subscribers at one time. Instead of having to send to separate subscriber lists.

Groups are an optional feature of Push Boss Pro™ and do not have to be used. But, if you have visitors to one or more of your websites with similar interests, they work great.

Powerful Subscriber Groups

On Demand Broadcast Push Notifications

You can send a push notification to your subscribers any time you wish. You simply login to Push Boss Pro™, select the website or group you would like to send a notification to and fill in a few bits of information. Click the send button and the notification is queued to be sent.

You can include a title, message text, graphic icon and a link to any URL you would like in each push notification.

You can use on demand broadcast notifications to send out site updates, announce new articles or pages, let subscribers know about a sale, alert subscribers about news or an announcement.

Just think of the possibilities that you could use push notifications for.

Having a slow traffic day on one of your websites? Send out a push notification to all of its subscribers and pump that traffic back up.

On Demand Broadcast Push Messaging

12 Types of Autoresponders

First, let me explain what an autoresponder is. An autoresponder is a script that sends out a series of communications to each subscriber of a list. In this case, the communication is a push notification.

Each push notification is sent out at designated number of days after someone subscribes. Each push notification in the series is sent out in order or randomly. This process is automatic and once you create an autoresponder series of push notifications, you don’t have to do anything.

You can create an autoresponder series of push notifications for any website you add to Push Boss Pro™. You can also create an autoresponder for any groups you create.

With most push notifications scripts or services, you only have the option of a basic autoresponder. If you have any autoresponder capabilities at all.

With Push Boss Pro™, you don’t just get a basic auoresponder. You get 12 different types of autoresponders.

Here is are the different types of autoresponders provided by Push Boss Pro™.

  • Domain Standard Variable Sending Frequency Autoresponder
  • Domain Standard Fixed Sending Frequency Autoresponder
  • Domain Standard Repeat Variable Sending Frequency Autoresponder
  • Domain Standard Repeat Fixed Sending Frequency Autoresponder
  • Domain Random Fixed Sending Frequency Autoresponder
  • Domain Random Repeat Fixed Sending Frequency Autoresponder
  • Group Standard Variable Sending Frequency Autoresponder
  • Group Standard Fixed Sending Frequency Autoresponder
  • Group Standard Repeat Variable Sending Frequency Autoresponder
  • Group Standard Repeat Fixed Sending Frequency Autoresponder
  • Group Random Fixed Sending Frequency Autoresponder
  • Group Random Repeat Fixed Sending Frequency Autoresponder

Autoresponders can be used to keep your subscribers coming back to your site and increase their engagement.

You could even use an autoresponder to send out URLs to course lessons and drip feed content.

12 Types of Autoresponders

Single and Double Opt-in Options

When a visitor to your website lands on a page that you want them to be able to subscribe from, you pop open a box that let’s them subscribe with a click of the mouse. You have two methods that you can use.

The first option is single opt-in. When they land on a specific web page, a notification box pops up letting them know that you would like to send push notifications to them. They simply click a button and they are added to that push notifications list.

The next option is known as double opt-in. When they land on a specific page, nothing happens at first. You can then tell them about the benefits of joining the push notifications list.

You then add a button that they can click to join the list. When they click this button, the normal single opt-in pop-up is displayed where they can confirm that they want to join the list.

This option can give you a better quality of subscriber and is not as annoying as the single opt-in method.

With each website or group you add to Push Boss Pro™, you can use either single opt-in or double opt-in. Or a combination of both. What ever works best for you.

The choice on what method or methods you use on a website or for a group, is up to you. Push Boss Pro™ does not force you to use a specific method.

Single and Double Opt-in Options

Advanced Subscriber Targeting

Need to target only specific users in a subscriber list or group? You can use the advanced subscriber targeting Push Boss Pro™ offers.

By targeting only subscribers that meet specific requirements, you can send a push notification just to them without bothering your other valuable subscribers.

You can target subscribers by the following.

  • Domain or Group
  • Country of the Subscriber
  • Subscribers Device Type

Additional targeting options will be added to Push Boss Pro™ in the very near future. If you have a specific targeting metric that you would like to see, just contact me.

Advanced Subscriber Targeting

Notification Scheduling

You can schedule any push notification, to any website or group, to go out on a specific date and time.

Push notifications can be scheduled to go out as far in the future as you want.

Going on vacation? You can create and schedule push notifications to go out while you are relaxing at the beach or skiing down the slopes.

Have a sale? You could setup several push notifications to go out reminding subscribers when the sale is about to end.

Message Scheduling

In-Depth Statistics

To run a successful business you need in-depth statistics viewable in multiple ways. You need to be able to see exactly what is happening to make good business decisions.

Push Boss Pro™ provides an extensive array of stats and stats views. Detailed statistics are shown in text, graph and map views.

Push Boss Pro™ also provides the ability to export raw statistics data to analyze anyway you want in your favorite spreadsheet or analysis program.

In-Depth Statistics

Works Great Across All Devices

The unique flat design of the Push Boss Pro™ admin area, along with it's fully responsive layout provides you with an excellent experience on all device types. It does not matter if you are on your smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. The admin interface will adapt to the device you are on.

Push Boss Pro™ will adapt to the way you like to work. Be it clicking or typing.

Works Great Across All Devices

Why Choose Push Boss Pro™?

Save Money - One Time Purchase

Using a push notifications service can get extremely expensive as your subscriber base grows. Since Push Boss Pro™ is a script that you install on your server, you don’t have to pay the high rates services charge you per subscriber.

So, the bigger your subscriber base grows, the more you save. Why would you pay per subscriber when you don’t have to?

By purchasing Push Boss Pro™, you could start saving a lot of money starting today. Don’t over pay for communicating with YOUR subscribers.

Save Money

Self-Hosted vs Hosted Service

Are you ready for the million dollar question? Is it better to host your push notifications admin services on your own server, or pay a monthly fee for a hosted service? Personally, at first, I thought that a hosted service was the way to go. Boy was I wrong. Not just a little bit wrong, I was big time wrong!

I could go on for a long time why self-hosted is a much better way to go. But, to keep from boring you, here are the top reasons why self-hosted is the way to go when it comes to push notifications admin services.

Click Redirect Speed

Hosted services place everyone on the same server or group of servers. They have a tendency to place way to many people using the limited resources of each server they use. When a few users start heavily using the service, all the users on the server start to slow. This causes click redirects to slow way down and even time out.

This causes loss of clicks and revenue for you. People clicking a push notification don’t hang around if the page they want to visit does not start loading quickly.

Choosing a self-hosted push notifications admin service allows you to control what server and hosting plan you use. If things start to slow, or you simply outgrow your current hosting plan, you can upgrade or move to a better and faster hosting plan.

This give you total control of the speed of your click redirects. Not a hosted service that thinks your click redirects are fast enough. Speed should be your choice, not theirs.

Accounts Shut Down Without Notice

Everything is running along smooth and you are making lots of money. Then, you wakeup one mourning and find out your income has stopped! Your push notifications are not going out and clicks are not coming in. If you are selling traffic, your email account is full of people screaming at you and threatening to do chargebacks if you don’t deliver their traffic as you agreed. Yes, this horror story happens more than you think.

What happened? You go to check your push notifications service and discover that your hosted account was shutdown without notice. They claim you broke a rule and that your account will not be reinstated. You are out of business and face losing even more from chargebacks if you are selling traffic. To top it off, they will not tell you exactly what rule you broke. They say they can’t tell you for security reasons.

If you are self-hosted, you have the control. Not the hosted service. You have the control to run your business the way you want. You are not forced to run your business the way the hosted service feels you should.

Self-hosted puts you in the drivers seat. You control your business. The choice is yours. Let someone else control your business, or place the control with you.

No Quick and Easy Way to Move to Another Service or Script

When you use a hosted service, you don’t have access to the actual database. This makes it just about impossible to move to a different service or script without a lot of work.

With a self-hosted script, you have complete access to the database and all of your data. Well, let me backup a step. With Push Boss Pro™, you have complete access to your data. Some self-hosted scripts encode the data so you can’t access it directly.

In order to take total control of your push messaging, you need clear and complete access to its data.

Can’t Upgrade Servers and Hosting as You Grow

As your traffic grows, a push messaging admin script needs more server resources to perform at top speed. With a hosted service you do not have the control to upgrade the sever resources. You are at the mercy of the hosted service.

Since you install Push Boss Pro™ on your server, you can always upgrade your server or even move to a different server any time you want.

The bottom line is, you can be at the mercy of a hosted service, or you can take total control of your push messaging and go self-hosted. The choice is yours.

The Winner is Self-Hosted

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