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Push Boss Pro™ - Wide Area Beta Testing

What is Wide Area Beta Testing?

When a script is first written it needs to be tested to get all the bugs out and to make sure it is working as planned. The first tests are done by brave people called alpha testers. They love to play with new scripts and hunt out bugs and problems. Once they have fully tested a new script it moves to the next round of testing.

The next round of testing is performed by a select group of beta testers. Their job is to watch for any bugs that remain and also look for navigation and unclear use problems. Once this round of testing is complete, a script moves into the final testing phase.

This final testing phase is called wide are beta testing. This phase of testing allows early users of the script to have input on how to make the script more user friendly. They also report any new bugs that can be introduced when modifications to the script are made. During this phase, most if not all bugs have been fixed. Any new bugs found are quickly fixed and updates to the script are released to the wide area beta testers as soon as possible.

A script in wide area beta testing can be used for real time uses under the understanding that there could be a few small bugs left around to be fixed. These testers just need to keep an eye out for anything that may be peculiar or displaying error messages.

During the wide area beta testing phase, we deep discount the cost of the script to compensate our testers for helping squash and remaining bugs if any at all.

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