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Push Boss Pro™ Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the FAQ for Push Boss Pro™. Below are the most often askerd questions that have been asked. Just click on the question to read the answer. If you can't find the answer to your question, feel free to contact sales and ask all the questions you want. Your questions will be answered as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is the minimum requirements you need to run Push Boss Pro™:

  • A Linux/UNIX server or hosting account with the following:
  • A Cpanel or Plesk style hosting Account.
  • Note: Will not work on Wordpress only style hosting accounts.
  • Latest PHP 5.x with mysqli support.
  • A mySQL database.
  • The ability to run cron jobs.
  • A SSL certificate installed. Push Boss Pro™ requires the use of an https connection to send push messages.
  • All sites you will be using to send messages for must use https. Standard http is not supported for push messaging.
  • A VPS is highly recommended but not necessary.
I’m assuming you have been shutdown by a hosted push messaging service. This is actually very common. If you break one of their many rules, they will shut you down without notice. Basically putting you out of business.

Since Push Boss Pro™ is installed on your server and hosted by you, Push Boss Pro™ can’t shut you down for the actions you take while using your push messaging script.
Oh yes it can! Of course hosted push messaging services can’t be customized. But, did you know that many self hosted push messaging scripts can’t be customized?

Many self hosted push messaging scripts, even though you purchased the script, are encoded or encrypted. This prevents you from having a programmer or designer make any changes or customizations to the script you purchased.

Push Boss Pro™ is NOT encrypted or encoded. It can be easily customized by a competent programmer or designer.

Don’t have a programmer? Just open up a support ticket and describe the changes and customizations you want to have made. I’ll be happy to quote you a price for making them.
If you own the domains and are the only one using Push Boss Pro™, you can install it on as many domains as you want.

Many users install it on two domains. One for testing and one for production.
No it does not. The transport mechanism used for push messaging requires https connections. So Push Boss Pro™ will only work on and with https sites with appropriate SSL certificates installed.

You do not need to use a paid SSL service. You can use a free one like Let's Encrypt.
Yes you can. In fact, you can install Push Boss Pro™ on one of your existing domains, or a new domain. You can also install Push Boss Pro™ on a sub domain if you prefer.
Of course you can! Since it is installed on your server, you make the decisions on what you can promote and what types of sites you use push messaging on.

Most hosted pu sh messaging services only allow you to promote sites they approve of. They don’t allow some sites to be promoted using their push messaging service.

In fact, many hosted push messaging service providers will suspend or cancel your account for promoting something they don’t approve of.

It’s not that way with Push Boss Pro™. You are the one with total control. Not the push messaging service.

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