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Push Boss Pro™ - Pricing

Push Boss Pro™ is now in wide area beta testing!
Push Boss Pro™ is deeply discounted
during the wide area beta test period!
Get your copy now and save big!

Not sure what wide area beta testing is? Click here to find out all about it.

Push Boss Pro™ Beta is currently not taking any additional beta testers. Check back to see when we do have additional openings.

Purchase Push Boss Pro™ Today!

Script Only

$199 $49.95
  • Push Boss Pro™ Script
  • Instant script download
  • Free minor updates through 1.x
  • Standard support


$249 $79.95 + $5.00 Monthly
  • Push Boss Pro™ Script
  • Includes script installation
  • Free minor updates
  • Free major updates
  • 50% off update installation service
  • Priority support

Script + Installation

$249 $79.95
  • Push Boss Pro™ Script
  • Script installation
  • Free minor updates through 1.x
  • Standard support

System Requierments

Here is the minimum requirements you need to run Push Boss Pro™:

  • A Linux/UNIX server or hosting account with the following:
  • A Cpanel or Plesk style hosting Account.
  • Note: Will not work on Wordpress only style hosting accounts.
  • Latest PHP 5.x with mysqli support.
  • A mySQL database.
  • The ability to run cron jobs.
  • A SSL certificate installed. Push Boss Pro™ requires the use of an https connection to send push messages.
  • All sites you will be using to send messages for must use https. Standard http is not supported for push messaging.
  • A VPS is highly recommended but not necessary.