Browser Push Notifications

Push Boss Pro™ Screenshots

Here are several screenshots of the Push Boss Pro™ admin area.

Overall Message Stats

This is a screenshot of the overall message stats. It displays statistics of all notifications sent as well as statistics on subscribers.

Create New Push Notification

When you want to send a notification to a domain or group subscriber list, you just fill out a few fields and click the Save button.

This screenshot shows the different fields you can fill out when creating a new message.

Domain Quick Stats

Need to make a quick check on domain statistics? This screenshot shows the page you can access to do just that.

Add New Group

Subscriber groups are extremely powerful. You use the form shown in this screenshot to create a new group.

List Autoresponder Messages

This screenshot shows a list of autoresponder messages for a domain or group.

Cron Status

Need to check the status of the cron jobs used to send messages? This screenshot shows and example of the cron status page.

System Settings

System settings may only need to be setup one time. But, if you ever need to change a setting, this screenshot shows the page you will use.

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